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Clay sculptures, vases, bodies and things...

H Glover 15.png

Shame Mask

Glazed Stoneware, 18x18cm, 2022


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Teotihuacan Mask

Glazed Stoneware, 14x14cm, 2022


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Maximilian Mask

Glazed Stoneware, 14x14cm, 2022


I'm On Fire!

Glazed Crank, 30x30x25cm, 2021


Female Bust - Glazed Stoneware


Glazed Stoneware, 14x11x8cm, 2021


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Gericault Mask

Glazed Stoneware, 18.5x12.5cm, 2022


Knight Tile - Glazed Stoneware

Knight Relief

Glazed Crank, 28x21cm, 2022


Fallen Knight - Glazed Stoneware

Fallen Knight

Glazed Crank, 26x16x3cm, 2022



Homme Accroupi

Glazed Stoneware, 9x9x9cm, 2021


Shattered Sword - Glazed Stoneware and flowers

Shattered Sword

One bite and all your dreams will come true!

Glazed Stoneware, 20x18x10cm, 2022




Glazed Crank, 25x25x18cm, 2022




Glazed Crank, 23x8x7cm, 2021


Fallen Knight II

Glazed Stoneware, 30x26x25cm, 2022


H Glover 16.png
Hengroen - Glazed Stoneware
H Glover 21_edited.jpg
H Glover 19_edited.jpg

Hengroen and Llamrei

Glazed Crank, 30x20x20cm, 2022


Ceramic Chess Set and Furniture

Glazed Stoneware and Pine

Board: 55x55x3cm Pieces: (roughly) 6x3x3cm


Table: 80x80x70cm Chairs: 50x40x75cm




Verdigris Vase

Glazed Crank, 25x25x25cm, 2021


Crown Pair

Glazed Stoneware

Made to order


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