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Love Diamond Poster
We're Feeling Okay - Oil Painting

Love Diamond, hARTslane 7 Jul 2022 – 10 Jul 2022


Featuring: Alisha Brocklebank, Jade Anthony, Catarina Moura, Henry Glover, Lucia Farrow, Jordan Mouzouris, Sam Nicholson

‘Hyperpop’ reflects a maximalist, eclectic, and self-referential approach to pop music. A medley of distortion, compression, synthy bubbles that go pop!, and auto-tuned vocals. This microgenre hails a cartoonish appearance, and fames the losers and weirdos with glamorous reverence. Not always loved for its name the genre coined by Spotify perhaps better loved is ‘Digicore’: somewhat coarse and unmastered, it has, however, highlighted a long list of alternative artists who exploit the properties of pop to create something altogether new; crudely fashioned perfection.

Each artist will explore their own unique territory, pushing the limits of their medium and exacerbating visual techniques in resistance to being defined and pinned down. Forms that froth, glitter and gleam exude around a raw gallery space, teetering at the fringes of their medium.

Organised and curated by Henry Glover, Poster by Alisha Brocklebank

Love Diamond Install Image
Love Diamond Install Image
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