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I Maschi

Palazzo Sergardi Biringucci, Siena

5 March - 21 March 2023

C.G. Williams is pleased to inaugurate I Maschi, an exhibition of work by Pol Anglada, Aldo Fallai, and Henry Glover.

I Maschi aims to act as a succinct reflection on masculinity, through the practices of three artists from different generations working in drawing and watercolour, photography, and ceramic, respectively.

Pol Anglada lives and works in Paris. Queer desire and fetish are central to the works of the Spanish artist. His paintings and drawings explore queer sexual experiences, taking inspiration from comic books and magazine and merch project Free Time, Anglada has staked a claim as one of the the most prominent artists defining that evokes the limited colourways of vintage comics and pop-art, a source material and language that is further emphasised through composition and cropping.

Aldo Fallai lives and works in Florence. Fallai studied at the Istituo d'Arte in Florence, where he then taught. In the middle of the 1970s Fallai met Giorgio Armani, who was making his debut as a designer and redefining the notion of masculinity, to which Fallai's photography made a fundamental contribution. His first assignment from Armani was a reportage fro "L'Uomo Vogue"; this marked the start of a collaboration that was to continue for a quarter of a century, in the course of which Fallai helped to build and consolidate the image of the designer's brand.

Henry Glover lives and works in London. Glover studied at Wimbledon College, graduating in 2020. He primarily works in painting and ceramic, having worked at Troy Town as a potter for Hoxton Gardenware. Of his work, Glover says he is interested in exploring the interplay between the physical sensation of his materials and the raw emotions he experiences in daily life and his personal relationships. His work often draws upon the Early Middle ages and British folklore.

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