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Based in London, UK

Henry Glover is an oil painter and sculptor. He focuses on the interplay between the physical sensations of his materials and the raw emotions he experiences in his daily life and personal relationships. He is concerned with shared feelings of introspection that have arisen in recent years and proven to catalyse the impacts of rumination and loneliness on the soul. Drawing upon the early Mediaeval period, Antiquity, Folklore and Myths in providing subject matter steeped in history and drama, Glover transforms it into our contemporary everyday. Glover finds a freedom of expression by utilising iconography and maintaining his own motifs with a rich background in often Romantic and aggrandised contexts. 


In painting he uses drawing mediums such as charcoal or soft pastel to bring an immediacy and honesty to the work. He will also apply text to provide a voice to the paintings, often taking lyrics from songs. The ceramics' physical presence along with the paintings creates a theatre for the viewer to explore and immerse themselves in. In this way Glover hopes to create an experience that assimilates his own in making the work and imagining these epic and often imaginary narratives. His method is physical, clay and oils have this integrity unlike other plastic media. The tactile qualities feel as close as one can get to moulding another body and the experience of touch.


In 2020 Glover won the 'Saatchi Art Rising Stars' Award, and soon after had his debut solo exhibition 'Take Me Somewhere Nice' at Liliya Art Gallery March/April 2021. Thereafter he has exhibited in multiple group shows and had his first international solo exhibition with Grove Gallery in Berlin 'The Knight's Tour' September 2022.



Photography by Adam Tolner

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